Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Gender Bender #11

Alexander McQueen Flappa Nova Tote bag

At once glance, I immediately fell in love with the colour of this large leather tote from Alexander McQueen. This is an evolution of the Novak bag, which also comes in huge sizes for guys. However, I always find open top totes to be more user friendly and easy for daily use. And you have a turn lock clasp to ensure your contents dun fall out so easily.

This excellent colour is both rich and vintage, with antiqued brass hardware, adding to the appeal and character of the bag. Small engraving of the Alexander McQueen logo is a nice touch. I see this large size tote (Width 50cm, Length 33cm, Depth 14cm) working for men wearing a nice slim jacket and jeans with lace-ups. This will be one classic that can last you for many seasons to come. Furthermore, Alexander Mcqueen, becos of the limited distribution and high prices, will ensure a minimal chance of someone carrying the same bag as you. All in all, I love it!

BTW, Browns Fashion is offering free international shipping till 22 March. So this may be a good time to get this bag.

Retail price: UK 795 pounds. Where to buy:

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