Thursday, 20 March 2008

The Material Boy #43

Marc By Marc Jacobs Airliner Pilot Bag

I know this isn't exactly qualify for 'Gender Bender' nor even something that I would buy. The most appropriate category to classify this post is 'The Material Boy'. I like the design very much and had to blog it. I think I have a thing for retro looking things.. and this bag is so 70's chic:-P Appropriately named as the Airliner Pilot Bag, this canvas handbag has a clever Marc by Marc Jacobs monogrammed design, which I thought was really ingenious. Quirky and yet not purely using just logo. It looks like the stitches fell out from each alphabet:-) The lovely gold buckle locks the flap pocket and enhances the vintage look. Rich brown leather trim and handles/straps are also nice touches. I keep being reminded of the movie 'View from the top' starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Christina Applegate. The good old days of flying and being a air stewardess.:-P Maybe this could be part of the uniform for some airline. Will be so cool.

Why dun Mr Marc Jacobs do some exciting designs like this for the men's range. The current men's bags look boring and hideous.

Okay, I will not babble more...ladies, grab this bag! It's so cute.

Retail price: US $298. Where to buy:

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