Sunday, 3 August 2008

What a bad turn of events (Part 3)!

So I went down to the store today...

Okay, I took a taxi and waste 3 hours of my Sunday to deliver the bag to the store and back. After sending the bag back, I went to my favourite store in Singapore, Club 21 Men's to have some 'retail therapy' to ward off this bad experience. They are having 60% off now! But unfortunately, nothing for me. Or maybe that is a blessing:-) I had wanted to buy the Kris Van Assche Bow Tie Shirt in white as I want to be able to swap the bow tie. But my size is gone! Darn! Oh well, no need to spend money, which is a good thing. Hehe.

So back to Gucci story, I took the bag to the store, very firmly I express my dissatisfaction about me not being able to get an exchange immediately. But the SA in charge of product repairs & complains explain he will still have to show the buyer to get advice on follow-up. I expressed my unhappiness of having to wait, when their exchange policy states there is a 14 day period for defective merchandise. I also told them I was not happy to have to make a trip down again tommorrow, which is a waste of my time.

This was the first such incident that happened with this type of bag, so it is in their protocol to show the buyer the defect. I told them my time is precious and I am not the sort that can come and go to the store any day they wanted me to. They apologise and empathise with me about the time wasted on making so many trips to the store. So they offered to send a new replacement bag (which they are pretty sure the buyer will agree to) to my home personally tommorrow as a goodwill service to me.They know I have been a supporter of the brand and that I would not be the sort to lie about the defect. They too see the crack as a product flaw. He told me he will give priority to my case, and get back to me asap tomorrow. I made sure they know I will only accept an exchange or refund and nothing else. So in view of this, I do not want to be too unreasonable. So I did not insist in getting this resolved today. I will give them the time till tomorrow to follow thru their so called proper company procedures, since they offered home delivery to my place for the replacement bag. I do not want to come across as being too difficult. Resolution in a cordial manner is the best way for such situations.

So there you go, this matter will have to wait till tommorrow for the outcome. One thing I have to commend on the guys today, is they were calm and tried their best to help. They were not rude. I was not either. I was very firm and clearly and eloquently express my discontent.

Will update here tomorrow. Much as I do not like this arrangement, but I accepted the compromise, in view that they make an effort to try to make 'life' easier for me. Now at least, that's some sort of after sales service.


From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

I hope you get a new one dude, it is only fair! Good luck!

Kevin said...

Hi Alvin,

By hook or by crook, I am gonna get an exchange if not refund. I will not let this be resolved at my disadvantage:-) I believe Gucci will fulfill their professionalism and good customer service:-)

So I am not worried.

Thanks for the support!:-)

Ken said...

Hi Kevin!

I hope you will get what you are after from gucci. I bought a pair of patent shoes from prada in Sydney in Late Nov 2007 and worn it once. Then went back to Singapore for holidays for 3 months till early March. My patent leather shoes started peeling and its peeling is getting worst every minute. I don't if they can do anything about it.

Kevin said...

Hi Ken, thanks for the well wishes. Yes, I have confidence Gucci will give me a good resolution to the incident. It's not their fault entirely. Defects happen from time to time.:-) I think Gucci is still a great brand which I love.

I guess you can call the Prada store where you get the shoe and explain the problem. If they ask you to bring down the shoe, which should be a likely case, then you can let them deal with it. I am sure they encounter this kind of situation every now and then. Good brands should have good quality products which should at least last a while.

Ryo said...

Hi Kevin,

It's my first time writing to you, i have been an avid reader of both bagaholicboy and your blog for months... just wanna give you my moral support on this matter... anyway i really do believe Gucci will give you a positive answer! All the best! Btw, keep on posting, makes my day everyday! Haha...

Kevin said...

Thank you Ryo. I am sure I will get a good resolution for this.:-) And glad you wrote and like what I put up on the blog. Nice to know I have your support.

Have a great day! Keep reading:-)