Friday, 5 December 2008

Ad Campaigns & Catalogues #19

D&G Cruise 2009 Ad Campaign

Spring is near. Winter is ending. Signs of seasonal change can be felt thru natural means (Temperatures, snow etc), but living in a tropical country, we do not enjoy these physical. We feel the change of seasons thru other means. One of the best ways to grasp the concept of seasons is thru fashion.:-)

Fashion comes and goes as fast as seasons change. When end of season sales starts, and cruise collections start streaming in, you know we are soon to welcome warmer weather and more light-weight and colours in our dressing.

D&G is always the first to launch their new collections. So I am not surprised to see their cruise 2009 ad campaign as early as late November. Featuring the usual group shot of gorgeous 'clone like' models posing in different ways, this time they are set along the Seine River in the chic city of lights, Paris. Sun kissed boys and gals draped in whites, pinks and leopard prints lounge on the decks of the cruise boat as it sails passed famous Parisian landmarks. French Riviera looks abound, somehow following the direction of the Spring Summer 2009 collections.

To be honest, although the campaign looked fabulous, this visual style has been appearing in D&G ads for so many seasons, I feel a change is needed to 'revitalise' D&G fans again.

What do I love in this collection? The pink satin blazers, the tie dye knits and abundant whites for easy breezy holiday looks.


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