Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Material Boy #225

Below: This gorgeous bag comes in a beige colour as well as white...

Below: White...perfect for a 'pristine and handsome' summer...

Below: Equally appealing and pricey Naxos Sac Sport in White...

Louis Vuitton Naxos Cabas Leather Tote In White

I have been smitten by Louis Vuitton this season. I cannot help but get in awe with the Spring Summer 2009 bags and ready to wear for the brand. Never really a fan of Louis Vuitton, but I find myself buying and buying more items from them lately. Firstly, the graffiti range of accessories and bags got my fanatic and now upon receiving an update from my friend Mervyn that the Spring Summer men's Naxos range of bags are in store now, I am getting double frenzy with LV.

One of my 'drool and more drool' inducing picks is also the first bag to be sent down the runway show for LV's Spring Summer 2009 menswear. The very fresh and pristine, Louis Vuitton NaxosCabas in white. It is the epitome of elegant design and sumptuous leather construction. Simple lines, subtle branding...ultimate luxe and nonchalance in bag design. I want! I want! But the price scares me off. So sad now.

I have been informed the bag costs a hefty SGD $3940. The speedy looking version, Louis Vuitton Naxos Sac Sport is even more intimidating to learn of its costs a exorbitant SGD $5900.

Grab yours, break a leg or your bank account or something! What economic downturn?!?!?!


Retail price:
1) Louis Vuitton Naxos Cabas: SGD $3940
2) Louis Vuitton Naxos Sac Sport: SGD $5900

Where to buy:
Louis Vuitton at Ngee Ann City


LiveLifeLuxe said...

Sorry Kevin, the Naxos Sac Sport is actually $5,900. I rounded the price up when we chatted on the phone. The taupe and blue is really TDF… Now I have to find a way to afford it. Plus, my SA says only 2 pieces of each are available. :(

Anonymous said...

The prices give me disturbia. And not in a good way.

logicloops said...

tastefully minimalist in execution,
horridly maximalist in pricetag

eek. i'll pass on this one. =/

Allan said...

see? I knew you'd love this.

I remember you were like, "oh they look like they're from any brand" etc.

I wouldn't want it in white. I have clammy hands and I don't baby my bags.

00o00 said...

wow, very expensive :s

LiveLifeLuxe said...

Small update on these bags (I can't stop thinking about them). You might notice on the pictures that there are studs on the sides on the bags to secure the top zip-flaps.

In actuality, the studs have been omitted and the sides stick out, which makes for an interesting silhouette for the simple shape(s).

Kevin and myMANybags said...


got me...sometimes..I warm up to I lvoe these now..but not the prices.

I think everyone agrees with me. It's so ex!

Kit said...

this is louis vuitton, we're talking bout :)

economic downturn?

LV will say to you, you want me? I'm here. Get it if you can.


Alexis said...

Just bought the cabas in "taupe" (grey) in Paris and love it. I initially wanted the doctor's bag, but when I saw it I found the base to be too wide, it looks too much like a Keepall. The leather is TDF!

But you should be quick if you want them: The Paris LV shops got them in this morning only. The Montaigne shop has just received one single piece of each bag, and the navy blue doctor had already been sold!! (and I got the grey cabas;-) So hurry guys !!!!

In France, the cabas costs €1,600 and the doctor's bag €2,400


Kevin and myMANybags said...

Lucky you in's so much cheaper than in SG! At the exchange rate of 1 euro to 1.8 SGD are paying only SGD $2880, tax! It's SGD $1100 difference!

LiveLifeLuxe said...

I wonder if I should take the plunge in Paris… Haha!

Kevin, what say you? :)

Alexis said...

Well, if you add the VAT refund (19.6%), which you could get at customs as you don't live in France, the bag comes down to €1340, that should pay for a trip to Paris!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Paris is 'dangerous' territory for people who loves much to buy...all flagships...and prices lower.

Be's going to hit hard on your bank, Mervyn! Hehehe.

You can get the sport sac for so much lesser!

I'd get the cabas if I am in Paris!


LiveLifeLuxe said...

I think I'll sleep on it for a few days before deciding if I should call my friend in Paris.

Don't worry, I'll try to persuade you to do the Cabas as well if I get the Sac Sport. Bag lovers love company. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think Louis Vuitton is getting so expensive. Price gone up every-year. Um... little bit Rip off. Sorry. No No for me.

I prefer spend 8000 for birkin.

Kevin and myMANybags said... tempting Mervyn...yes, please let me know if you decided to get the sac sport...and need some bag buying company...definitely interested in the cabas..:-P so 'cheap' as compared to SG...alexis did the math for us...with VAt tax deductions. but it should be 12% instead of 19%:-) Which is still amazing deal! and Euro has slide against SG $.