Tuesday, 31 March 2009

My Bag Collection #46 (FOR SALE)

Mulberry Eliot Tote In White
(FOR SALE: Email me to enquire)

This poor handsome Mulberry Eliot Tote in White has been a 'kept boy' since many moons ago (more than a month:-P), kept from the outside world and only privy to my eyes. So I thought now is the time to free him and officially inaugurate him into my bag family!

As I mentioned here before, this was one of the bags that got me excited about Mulberry this season. I was not very impressed when I first saw the pictures, but upon beholding in real life, this tote has a streamlined shape and slender depth that makes it very appealing. Made of soft grained leather and unlined, it spots comfortable length handles(long enough to shoulder sling) with leather grips for comfort. An internal pocket with zip makes for a handy compartment for small items. However, the slim shape is what sold the bag for me. Not cumbersome nor too huge like most tote bags, yet big enough to look proportionate on me for my daily use. That is why I had to run back to the store to buy this bag despite risking further 'baked beans' fate under the present bleak economic outlook. My search for a white bag has thus ended with this pristine bag, handsome in its own way, like a handsome prince in white leather(not horse:-P) and waiting to accompany me on a Hampton's-like holiday. I imagine myself enjoying carefree road trips and summer vacations. What a dream:-P

2 pieces were available in Singapore. One in Mulberry Hilton's store and the other in Changi Terminal 3. So it is highly unlikely for the 'twin brother' to make an appearance anywhere near mine.:-P Unless of course the distant 'brothers' gets imported from overseas. Yes, Mulberry's website to the rescue for those who are interested. Last I heard, these totes were selling fast, Navy being the last colour to be left on the Hilton store shelves after white and deep red.

I am fast becoming a huge fan of Mulberry. Who doesn't if they keep making great bags:-P

Source: Model shots from www.mulberry.com

Where to buy: Mulberry Boutique at Hilton Hotel


Mr. Intrecciato said...

Mmm.. Good buy at just 1299! So if i spot someone with this bag on Orchard Road, I will know that its you! :P

00o00 said...

another bag?!
but it's nice, very pristine

Kevin and myMANybags said...

hehe Joe, just like you can never have enough shoes or scarves, bags are 'indispendable' in my life:-P

and Mr Intrecciato, yeah, high chance that person will be me if you see someone with this bag in SG.:-P say hi!

Anonymous said...

im loving the white. congrats kevin.

Anonymous said...

i love the leather! congrats, it's a nice reliable piece.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Yes, the white is really nice:-P and the grained leather is suprisingly soft and sumptuous. It weighs a little more, but it's not too overwhelming. I like the simple no frills design, which goes a long way in terms of longevity.:-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin

Any advise on how to take care of bags with suede interiors?

From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...


LuxuryObsessed.com said...

Let's all go to the Hamptons with this tote! Very nice.