Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Material Boy #285

Below: Love purple!

Below: Purple is divine with white jeans!

Below: I also want a pair of purple loafers!

Lanvin Purple Nylon Trainers

Been a while since I am lusting over a pair of Lanvin shoes. Now that the shape and design is a staple in the Lanvin collection, what I look for now to have a pair appeal to me is the colour and material. And this pair definitely spark off some inspiration for dressing up! This pair of Lanvin Purple Nylon Trainers is simply eye catching:-) Bright and cheery in purple, which is quite unusual in a man's dressing colour chart, I love the fact that it pops to attention when worn with a simple pair of white jeans. Something different from the usual safe choice of blue colour:-)

As evident in the modelling pics, purple coloured footwear is just cute and cool!

Source:, Browns

Retail price: UK 300 pounds. Where to buy: Browns Fashion

4 comments: said...

Ugh. Now I need purple shoes.

vanja said...

Indeed divine!As always impressed by your choices and good taste:-)

Allan said...

bryanboy recently got these.

you have similar taste. lol

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yes, indeed Allan, Bryanboy just got a pair and it was the wrong size...oh my. But these are beautiful!

And Luxuryobsessed..yes, first zara blue and now you can get a lanvin purple!:-) Hehe. Waiting for these to be marked down. too close to sale season to buy anything full retail:-)

And Vanja, thanks! Glad you like the selections that appeals to me:-)