Friday, 6 November 2009

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #55

Below: More inspirations for Fall Winter 2009: Zara's Nov lookbook!

Which is your favourite? Look #01.

Below: Look #02 (Elbow patches on the jacket gives a hunting jacket feel:-P)

Below: Look #03 (The down jacket looks hot and it's not the typical nylon version! Dries Van Noten, anyone?:-)

Below: Look #04 (I like the shawl collared chunky knit sweater with the black and white pattern)

Below: Look #05 (that look fringe scarf is gorgeous and so cosy!)

Below: Look #06

Below: Boots, boots, boots! Love those military boots, that is why I bought them in Bangkok!:-P

Below: Look #07

Below: Look #08

Below: Look #09. My favourite look...of course it's those leopard print on the v-neck tee that made me love this outfit!

Below: Doesn't the leopard print tee from Zara look similar to Gucci's Fall Winter 2009 runway look?

Below: One a last note, do you guys share my sentiments that the Zara model look familiar? Like Zachary Quinto of Heroes and Star Trek fame?!?!

Zara Men's Lookbook Nov 2009

Like all other fast fashion chains such as H&M, Uniqlo and Topman, Zara changes their stocks so frequently that you discover new things and new ideas almost every week. This is a smart marketing move to encourage you to visit their stores as often as you can.

So without any further ado, here's November's lookbook for all Zara fans. With the months getting nearer to year's end, the pieces featured get thicker and warmer. Winter has arrived here! Unfortunately, here in Singapore, some of these gorgeous winter wear just do not fit our climate and are impractical. Sob sob. I wish we can 'import' some of those Hong Kong weather to Singapore. Can we?

If not, at least, we know how to dress chic without breaking the bank for any year end winter holidays:-P So which look catches your eye most this time?

Guess mine??!?!

Of course, it has to be that look with the leopard print v-neck tee. Looking absolutely on trend inspired by Gucci's Fall Winter 2009 runway. Last time I checked, there is a round neck tee version available and retailing for SGD $59.90, so check it out at the stores here in SG! The version featured in the pic is a v-neck sweater type.

Next item that got my shopping approval is the hot high cut military boots! I got those during my recent visit to the land of smiles! Singapore Zara stores do not stock it (yet and not sure if they will), but your nearest source for grabbing them now is Bangkok! Retails for THB 4990 (Approx. SGD $229). (Shopping tip if you are a tourist in Bangkok, you need at least THB 5000 to claim VAT back at the airport. So top up THB10 more so you get the boots even cheaper with VAT exemption, even if it is just 7%!)

If we cannot have H&M here in SG, then Zara we love you even more now!:-P

Source: Zara


deluxeduck said...

look #2 most definitely.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Gentlemen elegance:-) 3 piece suits are smart and dandy.

Allan said...

actually, the model looks like Sacha Baron Cohen. :-)

I love the down jacket but I already have one.

Allan said...

I went to Zara last weekend just to checkout the down jacket.

All I can say is that it's photogenic.