Thursday, 30 April 2009

My MANy Bags News #70

Time Out In Bangkok!

Oops, despite the recent unrest and the swine flu saga...I am still embarking on a long weekend break to my favourite short stay destination, Bangkok. It's so near and almost effortless to enjoy the city. I am staying at the new Le Meridien's stunning. Very design and modern decor and layouts. From sights to all came together to create an urban oasis for the stylish traveller. Thanks to a friend who works in the hotel..I got a very good rate:-)

Will take pics and report more soon.

Happy Labour Day!

Source: Le Meridien Bangkok

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Material Boy #273

Below: Balenciaga SGH Envelope Clutch in Automne

Below: Balenciaga SGH Envelope Clutch in Black

Below: Balenciaga SGH Envelope Clutch in Praline

Below: Balenciaga SGH Flat Clutch in Automne

Below: Balenciaga SGH Flat Clutch in Charbon

Below: Balenciaga SGH Flat Clutch in Praline

Below: A Purseforum member working the Praline Flat Clutch! Fabulous!

Below: Author of Blog 'We Could Grow Up Together' working his Paul Smith man clutch! Love it!

Below: Author of Blog 'We Could Grow Up Together' with his Balenciaga Clutch?

Below: Author of Blog 'My Fabulous Bag' with his man clutch. Gorgeous!

Balenciaga SGH Envelope Clutch vs SGH Flat Clutch

Recently I toying with the idea of a man-clutch. And after seeing pics of 2 bloggers (We could Grow Up Together and My Fabulous Bag) clutching their man clutch in such fabulous manner, I am exceptionally keen to get one myself too. Yes, I did have the Paul Smith Laptop Bag which can pass off as a man clutch...I want something in leather that works great for evening.

Of course, the search starts with my favourite brand of the moment, Balenciaga. Here's the 2 variants that can work on me:-P I only want Silver Giant Hardware as I like a bit of bling for evening. These fit my requirements perfectly.

1) SGH Envelope Clutch in Automne, Praline or Black - US$695 (Now US$475 at HG Bags)
2) SGH Flat Clutch in Automne, Praline or Charbon - US$645 (Now US$445 at HG Bags)

So which style to pick? I hate shopping dilemma. Can I have both?:-P

Source: Balenciaga, HG Bags, The Purse Forum, We Could Grow Up Together, My Fabulous Bag

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

My MANy Life's Inspirations #02

Below: Kandi Lounge 2008....No one captures the allure of stylish sounds better than
Hed well as Jason Brook's sexy illustration of the fashionable folks
who groove to these music on the album cover.

Kandi Lounge 2008

Beyond the dance rhythms Hed Kandi has brought to clubbing fans around the world comes a new series developed just for the more laid back, low slung grooves much needed for recovery from strenuous dancefloor activities. Kandi Lounge is just the place where bar culture-style soulful offerings meets sub dancefloor Sunday afternoon house. Sometimes kitsch, sometimes quirky, but always spot on in terms of cool. These are music that lets you chill with a martini, dress to kill and sway to the sultry grooves and sexy ambience. The gorgeous album cover illustration by famed Jason Brooks says it all.

2 CDs in this album. Come with a range of genre of cool sounds. I love the first track of CD1, 'Morning Child' by 4Hero which typifies the Kandi Lounge, somewhat current, somewhat retro. It's a good song to start your morning. I also adore the much stripped down version of Andy Caldwell's 'I can't wait'...the guitar arrangement lends a soothing, chillout mood to an afternoon of day dreaming. CD2 has an amazing track 'Midnight Love'...romantic and dreamy, that gets you spirited away down the highway in your porsche against the backdrop of New York's sky scrappers:-)

Fashion needs music. Inspiration needs groove. Music is part of life.

Sample the tracks here at

Source: Hed Kandi

My MANy Bags News #69

Below: Exterior of the new Beijing Flagship store at Jinbao Place...

Below: Spacious and modern interiors as conceived by Christopher Bailey...

Burberry Celebrates Opening Of Flagship Store In Beijing With A Party Hosted By Christopher Bailey And Maggie Cheung!

Good news for all fashionistas/fashionistos based in the Chinese capital, Burberry has opened a huge (4,968 square foot) flagship store at the Jinbao Place in February 2009. To celebrate the store opening, a fabulous party is planned instore on 30 April 2009! And look who's hosting the party with ultra cute Christopher Bailey...our very own Asian superstar Maggie Cheung! I love her subdued elegance and allure. She is timeless in appeal.

Over 300 guests are expected to attend including Burberry Chief Executive Angela Ahrendts. (anyone reading who's invited...please take pics and email me!)

The event will mark Christopher Bailey’s second trip to China following a visit in April 2008 where he was honoured at a private dinner hosted by Editorial Director of Vogue China, Angelica Cheung, at private members club The China Club.

The Jinbao Place flagship store will showcase ready-to-wear for men and women from the Burberry Prorsum and Burberry London collections as well as a full assortment of accessories. There's no excuse now for our fellow asian fashion fans not to indulge in british chic from now on!

The new store reflects the new global Burberry store design concept designed and developed by Christopher Bailey.

China has come a long way to have mega flagship luxury retailers expanding into one of the fastest growing economies of the world!


Monday, 27 April 2009

My MANy Life's Inspirations #01

Boulevard Saint Germain...Chic Paris

This post may not be for the guys...but I just love Paris...and I love everything about the city...the buildings, the streets, the cute french men, the pretty and chic women...and most of all, I love the fashion of the city and the french accent English:-P It's a joy to hear them speak:-P People watching is one of the best past time to do in the city. I need to go there soon!

Seems Balmain and Givenchy are inspirations of the women in the video:-P


Sunday, 26 April 2009

My MANy Bags News #68

More Items For Sale On www.mymanybagsforsale.blogspot!

I have put up new items for sale. Do check it out!

As usual, to make things easy for you, I have label the items that are for sale under the label 'To Sell' so you can find them all HERE with just a click. From Dolce Gabbana, Mulberry to the now 'no longer' available Miu Miu Mens...see if you can find something you like!:-)

Happy browsing!

My Shopping Conquest #64

Muji Thin Plaited Leather Belt In Deep Red

Further to my acquisition of the Muji Thin Plaited Belt in white on Friday night, I like it so much (partly also due to the very good price!) that I went to purchase the deep red version yesterday. You do not settle for just one good bargain and great shopping find! 2 is more fun!:-P This red coloured version will be good to have some colour and yet not too overwhelming as compared to bright red. Time to dress summer!

Retail price: SGD $33. Where to buy: Muji Boutique at Paragon

My First Giveaway...Given!

Congrats To Harrod:-)

Yesterday I met up with Harrod and passed him the Marc By Marc Jacobs tee. Congrats and hope you like the tee:-)

Till next giveaway!

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #31

Below: Plaid wrinkled blazer, Bowtie and Croc Tote

Below: Blazer, shorts and hi-top trainers

Below: Printed shorts with a simple blazer...for an interesting contrast

Below: From 'boardroom' to the city streets?

Below: Sailor inspired blazer and seersucker shorts?

Below: White is always pristine and suave

Below: Pinstripe blazer, navy shorts and boatshoes = STYLE!

Keep 'Cool' With Blazers For Summer...

Another series of looks that I love for summer season. This time instead of a cardigan, go for blazers. White, stripes, checks, navy...just as long as it is lightweight:-) Wearing blazers with shorts has that formal, casual contrast which makes it preppy and yet relaxed:-) Paired it with loafers, boat shoes, lace-ups or even trainers. The possibilities are endless. Go from Boardroom to your private docks and yacht. Looks for a rich 'playboy' in English countryside or sunny island of St Barts. Look smart and I can never get enough of 'broader shoulders' from shoulder padding of the blazers:-P

(BTW, although some looks have been featured here before...I still feel they are relevant this year. These are 'classic' recurring styles that is practical and yet timeless:-)

Source: Sartorialist, The Fashionist

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #30

Below: Love the yellow trim on the grey cardigan...crop pants look never looked so hot!

Below: Cardigan and shorts for summer anyone? Did anyone notice his LV loafers?

Below: More cardigan look...and Goyard bag...

Below: 'Matchy-matching' from top to bottom...

Keep 'Cool' With Cardigans For Summer...

Apparently, you can! Looking cool perhaps...but definitely not very cooling for hot temperatures of 'blazing' Singapore. Nonetheless, a colourful cardigan does match well with shorts/cropped pants and you have an interesting look, contrasting a top that is suppose to keep you warm with a bottom that keeps you aerated:-P

Something to ponder about for summer styles...these are the moments that I wish Singapore can be cooler and less humid:-)

Source: Sartorialist

Saturday, 25 April 2009

My Shoe Collection #41 + My Shopping Conquest #63

Below: Love how this guy worked his plaited leather belt:-)

Topman Perforated Leather Plimsolls + Muji Thin Plaited Leather Belt

I am in a white frenzy now. I love to shop colours. So this week, colour of the moment is the purest, most versatile, most pristine WHITE:-)

Apparently, the ultra super high temperatures we are facing in SG now (a high 36 degrees and more!) forces me to want to be dress in light colours. And white is the best hue of them all to help fend off some heat.

And first up the white frenzy, accessories to compliment the clean white look. Something to match up my Mulberry White Eliot Leather Tote. And they are 'cheap' + chic!

Presenting my newly acquired Topman Perforated White Leather Plimsolls and Muji Thin Plaited Leather Belt. The plimsolls is streamlined in shape, very comfortable and the perforated leather adds texture to an otherwise plain shoe. This is great to wear for all occasions, wear it with shorts, pants, name will work for you! If you want other styles of shoes beyond the widely seen Converse style design, plimsolls are the next best thing!

Next up, Muji Thin Plaited Leather Belt that matches the shoe or even hold its own:-) This summery style belt is slender and not overpowering, presenting a light-weight balanced to what you wear. Wrapped it around shorts, jeans or khakis, for a casual summery look. And the plaited leather adds subtle texture. Forget about plain leather belts for a while, plaited leather adds just add some visual interest to your waist. One tip, men's belts are often very thin ones are usually available from the women's range. I got this from the women's belt rack. And if you are up till size 32 in waist...good news, you will fit! Besides white, there is a black and red version. I love it!

Source: Model pic from Sartorialist

Retail price:

1) Topman Perforated White Leather Plimsolls - SGD $69 (I got a 15% discount from my Topshop card!)

2) Muji Thin Plaited Leather Belt In White - SGD $33

Where to buy:

1) Topman Boutique at Isetan Wisma Atria

2) Muji Boutique at Paragon

Incoming 'Happy' Mail!

I Love Mail!

After much wait, due to the Easter most anticipated parcel arrived from the USA yesterday...It just took like 4 days. Oooooh...I love mail:-P

Friday, 24 April 2009

The Material Boy #272

ASOS Men’s Hibiscus Canvas Espadrilles

For all the flamboyant men who loves moments of flowery fantasy, this pair of ASOS Men’s Hibiscus Canvas Espadrilles is perfect for swaying to the tunes of Barry Manilow's Coco Cabana and doing all the cha cha. Imagine lounging on the beaches of Miami or luscious island resorts in South America and you are on need to let loose and immerse in the vibrant tropical greenery:-P

I love these shoes, so colourful, so fun, it just screams you are happy and on holiday! And anything that suggests vacation fun, is a must buy... especially at an incredibly affordable price of £15.00, there is no reason not to. Somebody help me get one! (Oh they do ship to Singapore...Hurray!):-P Love everything about the espadrilles, from the flower prints to the colour combination to the shape of the shoe. Forget about those overpriced Hermès...This is even better:-P Must have! Must have! Go buy!

Source: Asos

Retail price: UK 15 pounds. Where to buy:

My MANy Bags News #67

Below: A digitally retouched image (by muah!) of Daniel Craig carrying a Balenciaga Giant Part Time (proportions are inaccurate. Weekender is better for a macho hunk like him. Part time is too small!). I choose officier colour for him...I think he is the blue kinda guy:-P

Guys Just Love Bags! So Does Daniel Craig...

This is an interesting article (believe it at your own discretion:-) on how Man Bags are getting into the lives of stylish men in UK, with celebrities like Daniel Craig (Oh my!!!) and David Beckham affirming the trend.

I cannot believe what I am reading when it is being reported that ultra sexy, masculine, hunky Daniel Craig bought a Balenciaga Giant Hardware (not just the regular hardware!) PT bag? Is it for himself? Of all guys, Daniel Craig and Balenciaga?!?!?!

Read the article below:

Why more men are opting to carry a manbag

Jan 24 2009 By Maria Croce

FOOTBALL star David Beckham and James Bond actor Daniel Craig own one, but now it seems an increasing number of guys are opting for manbags.

Research from insurance company MORE THAN has revealed British men are now more metrosexual than ever. And a staggering 18.4million adult males - which is around eight in 10 - now admit to carrying a manbag around with them.

Women pack a variety of items in their handbags, from lippy and perfume, to purses and mobile phones.

Those with children can always unearth some crayons, sweets and perhaps babywipes lurking deep down.

But now men are getting in on the act and a surprising 4.5million - one in five - males admit to carrying grooming products such as moisturiser, hairwax and even “guy-liner”.

And despite the usual macho image of Scots males, Edinburgh came out top for the place where men are most likely to carry skin and hair products with them.

This will probably come as something of a surprise to the many men who still stuff keys and cash into their pockets and don’t see the need for any kind of bag - apart from the occasional use of a rucksack.

But manbags are now viewed as much more acceptable.

They’re not as stuffy as a briefcase and, for the real fashion-conscious male, they can make a style statement.

Gone are the days of the battered sports bag, today’s Brits are now more likely to opt for a satchel.

The average male now spends about £92 on a designer bag but the value, including the contents, comes out on average at more than £650.

Style Spy on talks about fashionable bags for men, but is against the term manbag.

Jamie Millar, from Style Spy, said: “What, one asks, did men do before the invention of the manbag - wander about the place with armfuls of stuff? No. There were simply bags, some of which are made for men.”

A Style Spy section highlighted a number of designer bags for men from Harvey Nichols. And with tough guy rappers and James Bond buying bags, you certainly couldn’t accuse them of being too girly.

James Bond star Daniel Craig apparently picked up a Balenciaga Giant PT bag worth £990.

Billionaire Boys Club is the label of Pharrell Williams and popular with hip-hoppers from Jay-Z to P Diddy. The label produced a Diamonds and Dollars bag worth £185.

Rap superstar Kanye West opted for a pony-skin bag from Lanvin worth £1305.

The report also revealed that fashion conscious Brits need to be increasingly on their guard when out and about, as higher bag values - among both men and women - are proving an increasingly tempting target for thieves.

One in 10 Brits say they’ve suffered a bag theft, with the UK carrying a total of £25.2billion in belongings around with them on a daily basis.

But four in five of us report we aren’t adequately insured when we leave the house.

Pete Markey from MORE THAN said: “It’s clear that so-called metrosexuality is no longer just a London trend, and is now a truly nationwide phenomenon. “Male celebrities have increasingly been photographed carrying manbags, reducing the stigma for the rest of us. “But we can’t afford to be complacent against the threat of bag snatchers, as this research proves we’ve got a lot to lose. “British men around the country are now starting to take their appearance, and accessories, as seriously as their female counterparts do. “We could be entering the age of Barry, rather than Carrie, Bradshaw.”

However, it remains to be seen whether men will follow Sex And The City’s lead by matching their shoes to their manbags.


SOFTWEAR engineer Matt Kirk now has even more use for his manbag since his one-year-old son Thomas arrived.

Matt, 33, uses his bag for baby items as well as his own belongings.

He lives in Edinburgh with his wife Madeleine, 34, an IT consultant, and was given the satchel a few years ago.

“My friend gave it to me because she thought I’d like it,” he explained. “Initially I thought, ‘What am I going to do with that?’ But it’s actually quite useful. And since becoming a parent I’ve been carrying around even more things in it.”

Matt’s bag usually contains hair wax, moisturiser, deodorant, sunglasses, baby wipes and nappies.

He said: “Everything just goes in my bag. I just put my moisturiser in there and it ended up staying. It’s useful for handcream because I’m washing my hands all the time because of changing nappies. “Before my son was born, I didn’t use it quite as often, but I’d still carry around my iPod and a book. It’s like a briefcase - but not as stuffy. I got teased by my mates when I first got it, but now they’ve got bags, too. “I see a lot of men about now with bags. I don’t think people think there’s anything unusual about it. “Personally I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on buying a bag.”

Matt also says it’s common for men to use hair and skin products. He added: “I’ve had moisturisers and products bought for me, so I use them.”

Source: Daily Record UK

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Colour Me Bad!

Below: Givenchy

Below: Dolce Gabbana

Below: Calvin Klein

Below: Versace

Below: Salvatore Ferragamo

Below: Emporio Armani

Below: Jil Sander

Below: Gucci

Colours Of Spring By Vman

I love fashion editorials that showcases colour trends. Colours plays a huge part in determining each season's ket trends. Colours add fun too.

This fashion editiorial by Vman magazine puts spring colours in easy context, for your convenience...sorted by the designers, their key styles and the colour theme that runs thru them.

Enjoy! Loving those Jil Sander and Gucci outifits!

Source: Vman