Thursday, 30 July 2009

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #40

Uniqlo Fall Winter 2009 Menswear

I am keenly awaiting the opening of Uniqlo's Ion Orchard store soon. It seems the perfect timing for Uniqlo to have presence in the prime Orchard Road shopping district in Singapore. And from the lookbook of Uniqlo Fall Winter 2009 Menswear, the new collection is going to be noteworthy and drool-worthy:-)

Plaids, arglye checks, nylon parkas, purples, yellows, oranges...Fall Winter 2009 looks set to be bright and cheery and varied for the Uniqlo guy:-) Those nylon down parkas comes in such delicious hues I could have one for each colour! The styling is upbeat, optimistic and young...and as far as the choice fall winter footwear trend goes, boots is it!

Get your dollars ready...I know I am:-) Uniqlo, here I come!

Source: The Fashionisto

The Material Boy #310

Below: Louis Vuitton SC Bag looking elegant and sophisticated in suede asphalt...

Below: Mr Sartorialist's belle, Garance Dore spotted with the bag...fab!

Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola SC Bag In Suede Asphalt

Ever since I tried on this Louis Vuitton SC Bag in suede asphalt, weeks ago when Louis Vuitton Ion Orchard first open its doors, it had lingered on my mind for the longest time.

I think I am smitten by the elegant and clean design, looking ambiguous in gender. Very practical and non bulky, with a gorgeous dark grey asphalt colour against black leather. Everything shouts buy me. The richness of the suede, sexy in a dark shade of deep grey accented with subtle gold brass hardware makes this bag a true classic. All but one thing holds me back from owning the bag...the very short strap.:-( Darn, if it is only just a tad longer, this bag would have come home to papa:-)

Now that I see Mr Sartorialist's belle, the equally classy and talented Miss Garance Dore carrying the lust is rekindled once again. Perhaps I can carry it with the shorter strap as a shoulder bag instead of cross body sling...perhaps I can still get away with the slightly petite size for a guy's bag since I am slim and tall...perhaps...the sumptuous asphalt suede will look glamourous and neutral on me, even if I am a guy...or perhaps I can fork out an arm and leg for it first and strike lottery later...perhaps...

I think I am in LVoe:-P

Source: Louis Vuitton, Jak and Jil

Retail price: SGD $5900. Where to buy: Louis Vuitton Ion Orchard

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #39

Balmain Fall Winter 2009 Menswear Ad Campaign

Balmain's menswear pieces for Fall Winter 2009 may look bland and lack imagination, but the ad campaign somewhat have an opposite effect on me and I find them unexpectedly enthralling. Predominantly shot in black and white, these imagery with an austere mood perfectly captures a brooding and dark edge to Christopher Decarnin's creations. Not to mention when worn by the ever charming Clément Chabernaud, the somewhat 'bland' ready to wear pieces comes alive and got a hefty notch up in lust factor:-) The photography and treatment of the pictures, as shot by Karim Sadli also further contributes to the appeal of the campaign. Good photography is crucial...and of course a bit of french flair of style helps too:-P

I love the biker jeans...the bomber jacket and that TDF tuxedo blazer. Balmain = ridiculous pricing, but perhaps it is this 'unattainability' (and exclusivity...since not a lot of people can afford them. You heart but you ache for it...) that makes the brand achieved cult status with fashion fans worldwide.

For more images, check out

Source: Songs and Photos

Model Talk #06

Below: Garrett Neff as seen in GQ Japan's fashion editorial ' Navy Summer'...
hot pic of him in bed reading:-P Love his glasses
(Click on pic to enlarge for better 'drooling' view :-P)

Below: Shopping in front of D&G with his Pierre Hardy leather tote...

Below: Pea coat and cut off shorts is a refreshing and masculine combination...

Below: Blazer and tailored shorts looks equally sexy on Garrett...

Below: Who does not like the LV Sac Sport?!?!? I know I LVoe it!

Below: Brooding in his navy cardigan...

Below: More of Garrett...him strutting his hot bod in D&G's Spring Summer
2010 runway show...

Below: Calvin Klein ads was what got me noticing and impressed by him...

Below: I like this more mellow and refined side of Garrett
(with his Calvin Klein 'MAN' fragrance) boyish and cute...

Garrett Neff In 'Navy Summer'

On an insanely busy wednesday afternoon, I need a bit of a distraction from work. And it could not have come better that a fashion editorial, named 'Navy Summer' starring one of the hottest faces of the male modelling world...Garrett Neff! Ever since he appeared in Calvin Klein's latest male fragrance, MAN, I have been smitten by his super ribbed abs and darn good looking face:-P

In this fashion editorial for GQ Japan, laid-back summer is personified by the super hot Garrett Neff! Beautifully photographed by Alexi Lubormirski, we see Garrett pulling off relaxed styles (centered around Navy colour) as inspired by the different times of the day in a modern man's life:-) From waking up, to shopping on the streets, getting off work and gym...there is no excuse for shortchanging any good sense of style any time of the day!

Simple and effortless chic is the way to go:-) Of course, those hot man bags and Garrett being extremely pleasing to the eye helps:-)

My favourite shot, as you may have of course him 'frolicking' in bed, reading newspaper in his cute glasses. Sexy:-P

So which shot do you like of Garrett?

Source: The Fashionisto, D&G

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Material Boy #309

Mulberry Balthazar Holdall

Fresh off the Mulberry website (Finally!), we see a whole new exciting range of Fall Winter 2009 men's bags:-) And one hot bag that catches my eye is the very masculine Mulberry Balthazar Holdall. Perfect as large day bag or a travel bag for those weekend escapades. The top of the bag has a zipper closure which can be folded down and buckled closed for an interesting design. Somehow, the relaxed silhouette, the dusty moss (or black colour) of the grained leather reminds me of vintage military bags carried by brave soldiers from decades past (look how good it looked with military boots!).

Perfect for guys who want to feel secure with a 'tough' looking bag that will not erode away their male identity:-P

Source: Mulberry

Retail price: UK 995 pounds. Where to buy:

Monday, 27 July 2009

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #42

Below: 'Sneaker sandals' in action...paired with Givenchy shorts and look!

Below: Me wearing my Prada version of 'sneaker sandals' from Spring Summer 2008...

Sneaker Sandals...

Just when I talked about sneaker sandals from Kris Van Assche's Spring Summer 2010 footwear collection, here's a look at how cool these types of footwear can be:-)

Prada started these hybrid shoes as early as Spring Summer 2008...I managed to snag a pair. It seems Prada always has a vision ahead, which takes a bit of easing into before people starts adopting them:-)

Cool shoes are orgasmic!

Source: Jak and Jil

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #38

Below: Sporty influences abound in Kris Van Assche's Spring Summer 2010
mens footwear...check out these cool 'sneaker sandals'!

Below: Clever arrangement of shoe laces creates an interesting design for these sneakers...

Below: The simple lace-ups given new life thru coloured soles which
can be seen even from the sides

Below: Or chunky crepe soles moulded in an angular way has a cool design effect...

Below: Slouchy bags with no visible hardware...simplicity can sometimes be beautiful:-)

Kris Van Assche Spring Summer 2010 Men's Accessories

Continuing his clean and minimal lines for his namesake label, Kris Van Assche stays thru to his design vision and offered a genuinely appealing accessories collection with lots of sports influence. For spring summer 2010, we see the on-trend 'sneaker sandals' in different variations, black, white, and some accented with splashes of bright yellow and electric blue. Definitely something to look forward to, giving the conventional men's footwear a few more interesting options. I do adore these quirky hybrid footwear, although they are not entirely fresh concept (bearing resemblance to my Pierre Hardy sandals). Despite that, the highcut version still look cool and will be perfect for active boys who wants well ventilated feet:-)

The more formal lace-ups are given a contemporary touch with coloured soles of yellow and blues. Something that is subtle and yet injects a new life to an otherwise normal design.

For the bags, we see styles of a slouchy shape, often without any visible hardware. I like the simple no frills design in leather or canvas which is a fresh breath from all the overly embellished versions in the market now.

Will definitely look forward to checking these out next year:-) Somehow, Kris Van Assche's namesake line reflects better of his design vision than what he did for Dior Homme.

Source: Kris Van Assche

Sunday, 26 July 2009

My MANy Bags News #109

Introducing: The D&G Fragrance Anthology...

Provocative, audacious and bold are essence to the youthful D&G brand by Dolce & Gabbana. These values are exemplified each season thru some of the best casting of faces in their ads and tapping of creative talent behind the lens.

For their new D&G Fragrance Anthology campaign, D&G unveil familiar faces of the modelling world, old and new as part of their answer to the fundamental human question: “Who am I? Who do I want to be?”

To meet this need, D&G has captured the very essence of five eternal dramatis personae:
The provocative Le Bateleur; the irrepressible L’Imperatrice; sensual L’Amoureux; daring La Roue de la Fortune; and hypnotizing La Lune.

The question: “Who am I?” receives that most captivating and contemporary of answers: “Anyone one desires to be”.

Commenting on the collection, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana observe: “We all have many different sides to our personalities. The D&G Fragrance Anthology allows us to express every one of them, and is the perfect representation of the D&G world: innovative, compelling, luxurious and liberated.”

Profound? Well, if you are unable to decipher exactly what this all means, then we rely on the evocative photography to titillate our senses, and buy into the complexities made simple thru these new scents of D&G. It's afterall, a statement of who and where you want to be in life as you bares it all right down to the fundamentals.

The teaser phase of the ‘D&G Anthology’ website starts this week at

Every week the site will preview a fragrance by posting a short video story inspired by its character and describing its notes.

Meanwhile drool over the sexy imagery of Noah Mills, Tyson Ballou, Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Claudia Schiffer, Fernando Fernandes.

Which 'personality' best defines you?:-P

Source: Dolce & Gabbana