Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Runway Sniper 46

Below: Some of my favourite looks from Prada's Fall Winter 2010 Mens Collection... slightly retro proportions of the pieces and those 'shrunken' sweaters in many colours are great layering pieces...

Below: Prints and double collars are the rage in this collection too!

Below: My most wanted...these camouflage print pieces which are great to match up my LV Treillis bag:-) hehe...

Below: The camo jackets are a match made in heaven... with my LV Treillis Bag:-P

Prada Fall Winter 2010 Menswear

Out of the rather retro proportions of the suits, coats and flare of the trousers, to the deliberate mismatched garish colours and patterns, to the 'shrunken' scoop-neck sweaters (boys growing out of their old clothes?), the pieces that stood out most for me next for Prada Fall Winter 2010... were the camouflage print jackets in Khaki greens or bright orange. Other designers may have taken the military theme with a more austere direction, what Prada did was more fun and youthful. It's a refreshing breath of air from the overwhelming display of 'male testosterone' fashion we see in Milan the past few days:-)

Of course, most importantly, I want those camouflage print jackets for a simple vanity reason... to match up my Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage Treillis bag! Aren't they made for each other? Dressing head to toe in a single brand is unimaginative, so these Prada jackets will be the perfect solution!:-P

Source: Prada


Shane Bailey said...

Love the green camouflage trench! But I'm not sure if it goes with the Louis Vuitton camouflage tote ~~too loud for me :)

Nico said...

As always, Prada is a winner for me! the coats and sweaters are smashing. And the fact that the collection is extremely wearable is such a huge reason why Prada reigns supreme. WOOT!

the knits remind me of Missoni. I don't know why.