Friday, 26 March 2010

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #95

Below: Love that spot of red from the Balenciaga SGH Flat Clutch amidst the olive drab colours!

Below: And my lovely Balenciaga SGH Flat Clutches, one in Sanguine which is almost like the red version Melanie has:-)

Melanie Huynh With Balenciaga SGH Flat Clutch

Something to spark off inspiration Friday... Melanie Huynh with her outstanding spot of red colour from her Balenciaga SGH Flat Clutch. She is one of my favourite fashionista to watch out for, often surprising me with interesting mixes of styles and trends. Military glamour may be a big hit this season, but the olive drab hues are often lacking lustre and may appear unkempt on women at times . So a bright hue is definitely welcomed to spice the look up and add some glamour back.

Love the Balenciaga Clutch in red!

(On a side note, Melanie must be of a smaller build to have the clutch look this big on her! I thought the clutch was small:-P)

Source: Stockholm Streetstyle


Asyraf said...

its a bigger version of the clutch

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Asyraf,

There's only one size version for the Giant Flat Clutches. And what you show me in the link is exactly what I am referring to and what I owned:-)

Asyraf said...

pardon me for my ignorance