Sunday, 24 March 2013

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #282

Below: Givenchy's Pre-Fall 2013 Mens Accessories... look out for plaids, a new dog print and lots of new textures and materials... I want these pouches already:-)
 Below: Wood textures, target boards, stars and stripes are all part of the new exciting collection... eye catching and visually engaging...

Givenchy Pre-fall 2013 Mens Accessories (Part 1)

Givenchy’s Prefall 2013 mens accessories collections takes a break from religious inspirations and back into the streets and even the highlands. Look out for lots of plaid patterns this Pre-Fall 2013. A new K9 has also succeeded the much exposed Rottweiler. Doberman Pinscher, another dog species that instill that hard edge menacing feeling gives Gvenchy’s luxurious streetwear a new dimension. Mixed with plaids, woven leathers, target board /wood texture prints, it’s an eclectic combination that simply speaks visual excitement. The use of primarily red tones with black accentuates the bold graphics... modern and eye catching. A definite sell out collection yet again for Givenchy.

Below: The scarves are my favourites... intricate patterns that blends arglye checks, stars, Doberman Pinscher prints and plaids seamlessly to create outstanding designs...

I can’t wait to lay my hands on those pouches and scarves. What a knock out and distinctively Givenchy!

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Source: Givenchy

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Anonymous said...

Yay ! Some great new Givenchy pieces for this fall !