Tuesday, 3 September 2013

New: Hermès Granville Bracelets, Malachite and Sapphire Blue Colours

Below: New colours from Hermès... Check out Malachite and Sapphire Blue... 2 gorgeous hues on both Kelly Double Tour and Hapi bracelets. Love the rich teal green and blue tones!

New: Hermès Granville Bracelets, Malachite And Sapphire Blue Colours

New impending purchases at Hermès.... ‘Orange’ power is irresistible. I can never get enough of Hermès bracelets.

Check out 2 new gorgeous colours  to add to your bracelet collection. Ger ready for an amazing teal green tone, Malachite or handsome Sapphire Blue on both Kelly Double Tour (£340) and Hapi (£225) bracelets. Gold hardware works exceptionally well for both hues. But silver is just as appealing. My heart is set for Malachite which is timely for Fall Winter 2013’s green trend.

And if you are looking for fresh designs to adorn your wrists, why not go for the new Granville bracelets (USD600) which come in single or double tour, gold or silver hardware. I definitely want one. Was a love at first sight after trying it over last weekend. The gold and barenia leather combination just screams must have. Since the hardware is detachable, imagine wearing it as a pendant or use it with your twillys for even more creative expressions of how to double or triple up the looks of Hermès bracelets.

Below: The new Granville bracelet is a new favourite, especially after trying them on last weekend. I love that the hardware can be removed and with some creative thinking, use it with a twilly as a new bracelet or wear as a pendant. The barenia leather and gold combination is a must have:-P

Watch out wallet... I may need an urgent outflow of funds again:-P

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Source: Hermès

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