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Montblanc Backpacks: Designed For The Modern Trailblazer

Below: If you are looking for a contemporary backpack with functional design, Montblanc has just the right choice for you. I love the Montblanc Meisterstück Soft Grain backpack which is refined and sleek, befitting the boardroom as much as the streets. Filippo from the Three F demonstrates how great the backpack looks with refined gentlemen style!
Montblanc Backpacks: Designed For The Modern Trailblazer

Season after season backpacks have continued to maintain their status as a wardrobe staple favoured by guys all over. Transformed beyond being a practical handsfree accessory for the guy, luxury brands have injected a sense of contemporary style that now elevates it to a fashion statement.

Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and many more brands offered high fashion versions of backpacks. Swiss luxury brand, Montblanc is no exception.

However, rather than focusing on fleeting trends, Montbanc’s backpacks are designed with timeless modernity but most importantly, with functionality in mind. These contemporary companions are crafted to withstand rigours of a fast paced urban jungle. Keeping in mind technological devices becomes closely integrated to our lifestyles, Montblanc backpacks all feature padded compartments to safely carry our indispensable laptop. In addition, zipped pockets also provide special places to store smaller items including smartphones and wallets. Now that is what I call a truly consumer centric design.

From sophisticated to casual, there is a style for everyone.

Here’s the 3 outstanding backpacks from Montblanc that is noteworthy:

1) Montblanc Meisterstück Soft Grain Backpack

This one I own, so I can confidently attest to the appeal of its formal style, and utilitarian design. I call this an executive backpack. The Meisterstück Soft Grain backpack bag plays in the league of professional executives rather than the interns. Definitely worthy of the boardroom matched with impeccable suits and well polished brogues. The many useful internal compartments, including one for the laptop and easy access front and back zipped pockets for small belongings are extremely welcoming. Did I also mention the soft grained leather is a pleasure to behold?:-P (Dimensions: 40 x 31 x 18 cm - Price: Euro 665)

2) Montblanc Extreme Rucksack

This one braves the weather and survives the demands of man’s daily urban adventures. Tough wearing due to the innovative high-performance leather with a unique patented dressing and finishing
technique, the Montblanc Extreme Backpack delivers durability surpassing conventional leather and nylon materials. So expect a long life expectancy when you invest in one of these. The contemporary styling is another good reason to get one. Sleek details such as black aluminium fittings and the Montblanc emblem with ruthenium-plated ring contribute to a distinctively sleek Montblanc appearance. Comes in 2 sizes of small and large. (Dimensions: (small size) 28 x 40 x 16.5 cm - Price: Euro 695, (large size) 32 x 46 x 18 cm - Price: Euro 765)
3) Montblanc Signature Rucksack

The more casual brother of the 3 backpacks mentioned in this post. The Montblanc Signature Rucksack is crafted from unique PVC coated coating that resists water, abrasion and stains, while trimmed with printed calfskin for an added touch of refinement. The design features a distinctive “M” pattern inspired by the famous letter engraved on the nib of every Montblanc Meisterstück fountain pen. The jacquard lining and stainless steel fittings with a shiny finish embossed with the Maison’s name complete the modern explorer’s look. (Dimensions: 32 x 42.5 x 16.5 cm - Price: Euro 560)

With incredible options of backpacks offered in Montblanc’s bags collection, it’s no wonder backpacks are the best sellers for the brand now. Yes, this came as a surprise to me as well when it was unveiled at the recent ‘Florence Comes To You’ event. No wonder the brand is stepping up efforts to expand their leather accessories, steadily increasing their reputation as a true luxury lifestyle brand alongside their innovative watches and writing instruments.

Check out the backpacks in stores now at Mandarin Gallery and the newly minted boutique at Takashimaya!

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